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 August Garden (Private collection USA) Spring - Summer Still-Life (with bumble bee) [Private collection USA]Night Music (2) (Private Collection USA). 

Welcome to the home website of Phil (Phillip) Alder Artist. Paintings.

Gardens, Flowers, Foliage, Rhythm, Water, and Light. Artist in Wales.

Born in 1951. A long career in arts and as a practicing artist in South West Wales.

My primary source is found in the intoxication of informal gardens and of light falling through foliage or on water. The paintings are the physical metaphors for these experiences.

I paint mainly in oil paint or watercolour and occasionally acrylic. The different properties of each medium lend themselves to different approaches extending the vocabulary I can draw upon.

All the paintings should be immersive work and without a particular focal point, much as we scan in real life.

I use mixed colours, rhythm, shallow depths and use a ‘dry on dry’ technique that encourages a 'calligraphic' brushwork.


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