Watercolour was my first serious medium and during mid career it remained my principaI and most successful means. It is still very important to me, if I was stranded on a desert island and could only have one medium, this would likely to be it. I use watercolour less these days for studio and larger paintings but continue to use it for making observational drawings from life and for studies where I can explore ideas (I tend to use oil pastel for my sketch book). I love its simplicity and immediacy and its facility for delicacy.


During the 1980's I painted a large series of watercolour paintings about the fertility of the land, also probably influenced by the wonder of our own growing family. Themes covered included the garden, orchards, hedgerows, wild flowers and folklore.It was with this series of work which used the less usual 'dry on dry' technique that I believe I discovered the subject and vocabulary that formed the basis of all my subsequent painting.